Santosh Oommen has worked in Academia since 2003. Before that he worked in 2d animation for a brief stint and  begin working as a CG animator for a number of studios like Jim Henson Interactive, Flat Earth Productions, Netter Digital, IXL, S4 Studios, Station X, The Collective, Smashing Ideas, NBC Studios, Disney TV., and a number of other clients. He has worked on several TV projects, and commercials as well as games.
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Projects that Santosh Oommen has worked on in the last 10-15 years

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He jumped into education in 2004 and taught at a number of schools including, Platt College, Montecito Fine Arts, AndLab Schools, and later became a department chair at the Art Institute Inland Empire. At the Art Institute Inland Empire, Santosh built the department into an animation oasis. Bringing into top tier talent like Michael Swanigan (Two time Emmy winning storyboard artist) Ken Kinoshita, animation veteran from feature animation, Mike Williams, Sunil Thankamushy (Animation director of Medal of Honor series, cofounder of Spark Unlimited, and first animation director of the Call of Duty series. He also brought in a number of star teachers to help increase enrollment and to get students the best teachers for their education. Santosh also brought Doug Tennapel, Floyd Norman, and Tom Sito for guest “Master Series”.

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    My name is Preethi residing in Florida. I would like to know the details regarding Animation course. I am totally confused of where to start in Animation ,about the courses and online classes. So it would be of great help if you could suggest me some information regarding these so as to start my career in animation field. I love art and have done my Engineering in Computer science. I came through your profile in linkedin. Thanks for the help.


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